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Love of antiques is not only a journey in time, but also a timeless journey. My journey began with Canada’s centennial in 1967, when I collected old Canadian medicine bottles. I studied and probed to discover that each category of antiques has its own intriguing qualities that reflect our society and times. Fifty-three years later, I am still hooked on antiques; they are my drug! Now, you will find my passion includes silver, porcelain, pottery, glass, fine furniture and art, as well as our Canadian heritage pieces, such as folk art, country furnishings, and our unique fabrics.

My passion for antiques necessitates constant study and examination of antiques wherever I find them, in order to understand their places in our history and society. My move to Corydon Avenue in 1987 was a great step for me, and I have enjoyed my present physical location (my own shop) at 914 Corydon Avenue for 30 years this May, 2020. Corydon Avenue is a fabulous stop on anyone’s journey.

It is a wonderful journey of discovery. Please join me on this voyage at Abbey Antiques & Art;  discover my store full of many wonderful treasures I have available for purchase. If you come by on a Saturday, you can even meet my dog, Mr. Wonderful a.k.a. “Shadow”.



I began as a collector…doesn’t everyone begin that way?

My training as a scientist is an advantage in the antiques business, because of my insatiable desire to know what? When? Why? How? Who? Where?

Each antique achieves more personal impact when each of those questions is answered. My job is to answer those questions.

My search for the answers is my journey. From studying collections in Museums, at Antiques Shows, in Antiques Stores, and in collectors’ homes, I have learned much, but there is still so much more to learn !

My journey continues……


Owner/Antique Dealer

Who could not love Mr. Wonderful???

He came to us from the Winnipeg Humane Society as a 2-year old; then, 1 month later, his home burned around him! Our toaster, plugged in but not turned on, turned itself on and destroyed our kitchen!

Do Not Leave Your Toaster Plugged In When Not In Use!!!!
The firemen found him safe 2.5 hrs later, and he has been Mr. Wonderful since.
Come meet him each Sat. we are in town, noon – 5 pm. Extremely friendly but cautious, he is very stroke able!!

By the way, we refer to him as a rare German breed, a “seibenundfunfzig Heinz hund”…..you can figure that out.




If you are browsing the site and see something you like, please give us a call at (204) 477-0489, with the item number and we can ship you the desired piece.
Abbey Antiques & Art ships worldwide, each treasure being carefully packaged for safe arrival.
Please call for estimated shipping costs to your destination.
We would love to have you stop by our shop and take a browse through all of out antique inventory. John is a very knowledgeable man and can answer any questions you may have on anything antique related.