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Jonathon Foster

Jonathon Foster

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Q:  What is an antique ?

      A:  An object that is over 100 years old, whereas something younger may be “vintage” or “collectible”.  I deal mostly in antiques, but also vintage items of good design and quality.

Q:  Are antiques a good investment ?

       AYou should not consider them as financial investments, but as means to enrich your life & surroundings. Consider this: if you paid $100 for an item which you enjoyed looking at for 10 years, it has cost you only 2.7 cents per day !

Q:  Is silver a good investment, because it is a precious metal ?

      A:  Modern silver objects (under 100 years old) are so plentiful that they are valued mostly for silver content; items of good design, made by esteemed “names”, can exceed bullion value.

Q:  Does that apply to silverplate items ?

      A:  No, because silverplate has such a thin layer of silver only on the surface that it isn’t worth the energy cost to recover it.

Q:  Then, what should I collect ?

      A:  What you like ! Buy the best you can afford, for that will give you greater satisfaction than many lesser things. Don’t let others dictate your tastes !

Q:  But why I can’t I sell items for more than I paid ?

       A:  Because public interest in items fluctuates. Many categories of antiques & vintage items have fallen in value lately, because they are not “in favor” with collectors today.